Thursday, September 27, 2012

Architecture Student or DJ?

As I spent my hours puttering around with models and things on the computer in studio one day, it occurred to me that architecture students were awfully similar to DJ's. Think I'm wrong? Give me a minute to explain. I tend to stand when I work, especially when model making. Sitting on a stool for four hours straight just isn't possible; you'll screw up your back more than you ever could doing anything else (take it from someone who never had a sore back and is now hurting at the end of each session...). And while my headphones were plugged in and I jammed to the electronic music blaring into my ears, as I switched from one thing on my desk to another, I suddenly had this image of a DJ, tweaking settings, changing things around... is this not what we do in architecture?

I'd imagine at this point, you want photo evidence. No problem:

Ladies and gentlemen, the architecture student. Bent over, focused on his work, and working hard.
And the DJ. Note that they are in almost the EXACT same position. Coincidence? I think not.
In the same way that architects are the artists of construction and design, DJs are the artists of music and note arrangements. It is easy to see how two completely different professions and fields have very interesting similarities. And while it is silly of me to see myself ever becoming a DJ, despite my love of music, I'm sure as hell going to continue to pretend while wasting away at my desk in studio.

Today was just another day in...

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