Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Drive of Architecture Students .

Aside from perhaps chemical engineering and physics majors, the architecture major contains some of the most dedicated students around. In fact, people are often so dedicated to their work that you really do lose contact with many people in what we like to call "the outside world." The school even recommends that you actually live with people that aren't in your major so that you still have some semblance of a social life.

As the years progress in your undergraduate career, you'll find that your roommates often text you just to see if you're still alive, because they haven't seen you at home in three days. You'll be on campus from 8 in the morning until 8 at night, scraping together for meals (and sometimes forgetting about them entirely) and naturally, completely blowing off that diet that you were planning on doing because fast food just sounds way better right now. However, you'll also find that you are really desiring some free time. People do actually improve at getting their work done in a relatively timely manner by the time you become a senior (either that or we all just have become really good at putting it off and then throwing it all together last minute).

Come the few days before review, the entire attitude changes. Lax procrastination turns into imminent panic, and it's almost expected that there will be a good number of people that will be up all night the night before a review. I actually pulled my first all-nighter in quite some time a few weeks ago (I haven't stayed up all night since sophomore year). The sun goes down and you lose track of time, and eventually the pink rays of sunrise are before you and you realize that you've been there all night, and all of a sudden you're shivering and your muscles ache and your head is spinning. Sounds exciting, right?!

Of course, there are those of us that are really solid in the area of time management, and are able to finish all their work with time left over to spend as they please. A good friend of mine actually has a 4.0 GPA, is involved in AIAS, Freedom by Design, RUF and others,  lifts with me three days a week, has time to go on group road rides, has time to spend with his girlfriend and still gets plenty of sleep every night.

See? It is possible to actually finish everything you need to do; all it takes is a little focus and drive. Once you learn that, you'll be unstoppable.


  1. So that friend of yours... Does he have a certain miracle week schedule or is he blessed with inhuman concentration skills?

    Question asked by a person that has pulled three all-nighters in a row, utter madness and stupidity of course :/

    1. Believe me I have no idea how the heck he does it. But somehow he manages! I guess it just takes a lot of self determination and discipline! And also some innate talent!


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