Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Competitions Blog

For many students out there, it is getting exceedingly difficult to find jobs, internships, or other ways that gain you valuable experience and give you the opportunity to showcase your skills to potential employers. The thing about the field of architecture is that it is certainly not like riding a bike -- in order to impress employers and teachers you need to always hunger for more, whether that is learning or gaining experience through work. Experience, above everything else is probably the most valuable thing you can have on your résumé, apart from a professional degree in the field. But nowadays, many students (including myself) are struggling with ways to gain experience and showcase talent and design prowess.

Awhile back I joined a group on LinkedIn that regularly posts links from "The Competitions Blog", a blog that makes its subscribers aware of a huge number of competitions in the architectural world. Whether you work by yourself or work with a team, this is a fantastic way to open your mind to new design challenges, and really get a chance to see what you're made of in terms of design. As is with all competitions, they cost money, but as I'm quickly finding out, experience in the world far exceeds the monetary value of the cost of the competition. Besides, every now and again it's certainly doable to spill out 50 bucks here and there for a competition. Naturally, the experience is entirely invaluable if you do well in the competition, as you not only can put that on your résumé, but gain some great exposure as a designer from it.

And so on that note I would highly recommend that you check out "The Competitions Blog" and subscribe via email to get new competitions when they come out. At the very least, it's neat to see what sorts of competitions are out there; and if you see something that strikes your fancy, design away!


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